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 Patient Briefing

O​n Restorative Dental Treatment our department has 2 Associate Professors, 1 Assistant Professor, 1 Specialist Doctor, 7 Specialist Students and 1 Practitioner Dentist.

Bezmialem Vakif University Patients who wish to come to the Faculties of Dentistry can make an appointment to be examined by Prof.Dr./Dr.Dr./Dr./Student Dr. / Dr. Ass.  in the Oral, Dental and Chin Radiology (First Examination) clinic by internet or telephone. After the first examination was made. You may also be treated by our Associate Professor and Assistant Professor at our International Clinic office, by our specialist physician and specialist students during non-working hours.


Patients are required to register at least 15 minutes before the appointment time. Each patient has a  one-hour treatment period. Patients can not be cared for as long as these patients are late to their appointments for one fourth of this time and if a healthy filling can not be made during the remaining time and the next appointment will coincide with the appointment time of the patient, or if any of the next appointment patients does not receive any treatment then the patient will not treated . If all the patients come to their appointments, they must make an appointment and come to the treatment. Depending on the work to be done on an appointment, 1 or 2 dental restorations are being done. If you have anything else other than a filling done, you will be informed about your treatment by your doctor.


For the patients whose procedures are complete, he or she will be given a new appointment by the physician himself or the department secretary and must read the Patient Attachment Form and fill out with their own handwriting if they accept the treatment.


Before the procedure starts, the medication used by the patients, systemic discomfort, infectious disease, to inform their physicians about their medical condition will be helpful in terms of treatment. Patients who come to their appointments, do not go hungry, have medicines they need to use regularly, have to take medicines, and patients who need antibiotic prophylaxis should have taken their medicines as recommended by the doctor before the appointment time. Some risks and complications may occur during planned treatment and procedures. These risks include; pain and discomfort during the treatment, swelling, infection, bleeding, lateral dental and soft tissue injury, temporomandibular joint disorder, transient or persistent numbness and allergic reactions.


If there is a systemic disease present in the patient, or if any medication used in connection with a disease interferes with or negatively affects the treatment to be performed, you may be referred to your pre-treatment doctor for consultation with the relevant disease and / or medication.


When the patient's dental treatment is ongoing, different or additional treatment requirements may arise from the initial treatment plan. You will be informed when the changes are in question. In case of restorative procedures that SGK does not pay, the prices of the treatment are paid by the patient at the price determined by the university.

Bezmialem Vakıf University School of Dentistry educates dental students. During this training, intern dental practitioners perform routine treatment of patients under the supervision of lecturers and assistants.


Clinical photographs of the patient may require diagnostic, scientific, educational, or research use in order to improve dental education.​

The information obtained at each stage will be shared with you and informed.

Your teeth need to be checked at least every 6 months. You do not need to make an appointment for the check-in appointment.

Do not forget to carefully brush your teeth before going to bed at night.

Wishing you healthy and happy days.​