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 Restorative Dental Treatment

Prof. Dr. Evrim DALKILIÇ  
Head of Department​

Restorative Dental Treatment is used in the prevention of tooth loss, loss of developmental and hereditary tooth color and shape disorders, restoration of tooth function and aesthetics, prevention of tooth decay as well as applying the recommended treatment methods for eliminating tooth loss caused by tooth decay, fracture and trauma.

In addition to the applications of "aesthetic", "adhesive" or "cosmetic" dentistry, which is the rising value of the dentist in our dentistry, studies are also being carried out in the field of "Geriodontology" and "Kariology (Caries Science)". Laminate veneer restorations (porcelain and composite), cad-cam restorations, endocron / crown applications, fiber post restorations, Inlay-onley fillings, Vital / devital tooth whitening treatments, Tooth sensitivity treatment, Composite fillings, Amalgam fillings, , diastema closure treatment is applied.​

The students are taught the applications for the clinic in the preclinical practice lessons during the 2nd and 3rd year of the undergraduate education and the students in the 4th and 5th class are able to apply their knowledge on the patients. In addition, our aim is to provide undergraduate and postgraduate education to our students who are suitable for their ethical values, who are pioneers in the academic field and closely follow the developments in technology. In addition, by applying the latest innovations, our patients are providing clinical services at world standards and making informed contributions in our studies.