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 General Information

Restorative Dental Treatment is specialized in diagnosing, treating and following up all the ailments or existing aesthetic complaints that are related to tooth hard tissues, originating from bacteria or without bacteria. It is a scientific discipline dealing with the etiology, pathology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of defects that occur in the adult teeth due to cavities, tooth abrasions (abrasion, erosion, atrision, abfraction), enamel hypoplasia, hypocalisation, coloring and trauma. Provides the aesthetic, phonetic and functional needs of the patients using the current aesthetic restorative filling materials. Restorative dental treatment; to restore and restore the dental forms of the teeth due to developmental and acquired diseases, restore the dental function and esthetics, and most importantly to apply the principles of preventive dentistry which will take measures to prevent the recurrence of the pathology. New concepts such as "adhesives", "aesthetics", "cosmetic" dentistry are the application areas of this department especially all over the world in recent years.

Treatments applied to this area:

Cavities tooth restoration

Restoration of broken teeth

Vital and devital tooth whitening

Aesthetic diastema closure

Dentin sensitivity treatment

Indirect restorations (inlay, onlay, endocron and single-chron restorations)

Laminate veneer applications (porcelain and composite)

Restoration with Cad-Cam

Fiber-reinforced composite fillers

Fiber post applications