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What is aesthetic dentistry?

Aesthetic dentistry; aesthetic image, speech disorders and loss of function with various applications on teeth and gums.

What is porcelain lamine

Porcelain lamine are restorations that can be applied with little or no preparation from dental tissue, especially in the anterior group of teeth. Strengthening the physical properties of porcelain has allowed them to be made much thinner. The excellent color permeability of laminated glues using special adhesives ensures excellent aesthetic results.​

Advantages of zirconium-assisted prostheses

It is possible to obtain more aesthetic results than metal supported ceramics. In addition, the porcelain compatibility with the tissues is so good that the restorations can be used for many years in a healthy way. The use of porcelain instead of metal in the underlying structure allows for light transparency, which results in the production of more aesthetic and natural prostheses. Metal-supported ceramics, especially in the neck of the teeth of the gray colorings are blocked. The use of zirconium for antiallergic properties in individuals with metal allergies will solve this problem.

What is an implant?

Implants are the best materials that can be used as alternative to natural teeth. The most important advantages of fixed prosthesis is that it is possible to cover the deficiencies without the necessity of preparation of adjacent teeth in the case of single tooth defects and to make fixed prosthesis instead of a mobile prosthesis in case of excessive tooth loss. In addition, the greatest disadvantage of total prosthesis is that the prosthesis play is also prevented.

How to care for removable dentures

Removable dentures must be removed after each meal and the food residues on them should be cleaned under water and the mouth should be rinsed with water. At the end of the day the liquid should be cleaned using a brush with hand soap. Denture cleansing special effervescent tablets should be used 3 times a week. Prosthetics should never be kept in liquids containing solvents such as bleach.

Do total dentures prevent taste?

The taste sensation is completely related to the language. There is nothing to do with the taste of the drop.

What are the problems encountered in total dentures?

It is more difficult to get used to lower prosthesis than upper prosthesis. The tongue is causing the lower prosthesis to move. Tongue, lip and side bite are normal. Double-sided removal of food will make chewing more comfortable.