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Prof. Dr. Gökmen KURT
Head of Department​

Welcome to the Department of Orthodontics of the Faculty of Dentistry at Bezmialem Vakıf University.

In recent years, the use of internet has increased in our everyday life with the development of technology and the widespread use of social networks and personal awareness, awareness level and aesthetic expectations in the society have increased the demand for orthodontic treatments. In addition, with the better understanding of the contribution of properly aligned and healthy teeth to facial aesthetics, a large number of adult individuals also demand orthodontic treatment.

Disorders in dental and skeletal structures can be corrected with various orthodontic treatment tools. In growing age children, as well as teeth, jaw positional disorders can be treated with various oral and non-oral devices, and the development is completed, or in adult patients Orthodontic treatments can be done without age restriction. Treatment of severe skeletal jaw disorders can be corrected with orthognathic surgery. Instead of metal brackets that are affixed to the front surfaces of teeth that our patients complain about for aesthetic reasons, brackets of the same color as transparent or dental can be used. Also, if a dental-jaw structure is suitable for aesthetic purposes, transparent plate treatments can be performed where the brackets are adhered to the back surface of the tooth (Lingual Orthodontic Treatment) and without using brackets or wires. In our clinic all of these treatment services are carried out by the experienced, dynamic and successful academic staff using the latest technology in the light of current information.

Our department provides specialist education in our dentures, and doctoral education is carried out within the framework of a joint program with Istanbul University. At our department there 9 specialist and 10 doctoral students who are continuing their education. Our aim as a Department is to provide health services in high standard in our clinic and become an academic center with national and international recognition with its scientific publications and projects.​