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 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department


Prof. Dr. Doğan ​DOLANMAZ​​​

Head of Department

At our department; clinics are in-patient centers where local and general operating theater and patients are treated remotely or as inpatients, and interventional surgical techniques are applied in the oral, dental and jaw areas. Especially in the last year, enrichment of the academic staff in our department and modernization of the number of treatment units in clinical and local operating theaters has enabled both the acceleration of the treatment services and increasing the diversity and also the training of our trainee physicians in a more comfortable environment.
We continue to serve with 3 professors, 1 associate professor, 2 assistant professors, and 9 assistant doctors (specialist / doctoral students) in our main science branch w​hich closely follows the scientific developments and guides researches and provides contemporary and ambitious treatment services in our region.
Our aim is to be a reference hospital where our domestic and foreign colleagues can increase their knowledge and experience and carry out all kinds of scientific research while providing high standard health care services to our society. We have a strong academic team and continue to work at full speed to achieve this goal.​