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 General Information

​What is oral and maxillofacial surgery?

It is the science that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of injury, acquired or congenital defects and diseases seen in hard and soft tissues of the mouth, teeth and jaws.

Deals with surgical procedures such as dentoalveoler surgery, removal of implanted teeth, tooth extraction, implants or bone graft applications. Other than these, the operations performed in the mouth, teeth and jaw surgeries are listed below:
- Diagnosis and treatment of benign pathological formations (cysts, tumors, etc.)
- Diagnosis and treatment of congenital malformations such as cleft lip-palate
- Diagnosis and treatment of facial aches
- Diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular joint (lower jaw joint) disorders
- Diagnosis and treatment of closure disorders (jaw-tooth related)
- Orthognatic, reconstructive surgeons, correction of maxillofacial advancement and facial asymmetry
- Diagnosis and treatment of hard and soft tissue trauma (jaw fractures, cheek bone fractures, nasal fractures, Le Fort fractures, etc.) of the jaw-face region
- Surgical or preventive treatments of sleep apnea
- Dental implant surgery
- Jaw-face implant applications
- Botox applications