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Is panoramic x-ray mandatory?

It is almost imperative to routinely take a panoramic x-ray to prevent or diagnose premature dental illness before it occurs and routinely treat problems without problems. In addition, a panoramic x-ray is required to see the condition of the bone in a suspect cyst and tumor cases, before a surgical procedure such as an implanted tooth or implant.

What damage does the radiation give when the dental x-ray is taken?

It is beside the point that patients are exposed to too much radiation in relation to dental equipment and the use of such techniques. The maximum medical examination allowed per year for patients in our country is 1 milliSievert (mSv). The dose for a periapical radiography is 0.0015 mSv-0,005 mSv and for 1 panoramic radiography is 0.008-0.024 mSv. It is not possible to exceed the annual dose with these doses. Although the radiation dose received is low, the patient is wearing a lead apron and thyroid shield during radiography. In this way, unnecessary radiation is prevented from reaching other organs of the patient.

Is it inconvenient to have a dental x-ray during pregnancy?

Unless its necessary, pregnant women should avoid X-rays for dental problems. If necessary, withdraw by wearing a lead apron.

​Do I have to keep my old x-rays?

If the X-ray films you have are technically problematic or too old to reflect your current situation, it is not appropriate to use it during the examination. 6 months old x-ray films should be replaced with new ones. But keeping old x-ray films with you during the examination is useful for comparing the old situation with the current situation. For this reason, old x-ray films should be brought to the non-discarded examination.

What does dental volumetric tomography require?

Dental volumetric tomography is a radiographic method for creating a three-dimensional image of the region to be examined using x-ray. Dental volumetric tomography and 2D radiographic methods can reveal details that are not visualized.

​With less than 90% of the used tomography devices, there is less radiation imaging. Image quality is very high. This radiography type, which gives high diagnostic detail and measurement accuracy, guides all kinds of treatments from surgical treatments to endodontic treatment.